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Tournament : Young Tigers U18 National Cricket Competition 2012-2013

Match : Sylhet Division Vs Khulna Division (08/02/2013)

Match Information :
Date : 08/02/2013M. Started : 10:15 AMM. Finished : 10/02-1:27 PM
Venue : Shahid Kamruzzaman Stadium, Rajshahi
Toss won by : Khulna Division and chose to field first.
Captains : Rahat Chowdhury (SYL DIV), Noman Sahriar (KHL DIV)

Result : Khulna Division won by 7 wickets.Man of the Match : Mehedi Hasan (KHL DIV)

Match Officials :
Match Referee : Umpires : Md. Wahid (BD), AKM Ruhul Amin (BD)
TV Umpire : Reserved Umpire :
D/L Manager : Scorers : Md. Sohel Rana (BD), Md. Sajjad Hossain (BD)
COMS Scorer : Md. Sajjad Hossain

1st Innings of Sylhet Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1Kamrul IslamBowledMushtafizur Rahman11114009.09
2Anhar MiahCT. WhiduzzamanMehedi Hasan2358852139.66
3Moinuddin KawsarLBWNoman Sahriar1565951023.08
4Masum AhmedBowledMushtafizur Rahman2854595051.85
5Mominul Islam MuhonST. A.T.M Sahjalal†Md, Nasiruddin3460982356.67
6Rahat Chowdhury*†CT. A.T.M Sahjalal†Mushtafizur Rahman420270020.00
7Shafiul Islam HanjalaCT. Mehedi HasanNoman Sahriar01023000.00
8Asadul Hasan SamadBowledMd, Nasiruddin211220018.18
9Shakir AhmedBowledNoman Sahriar01113000.00
10Iftaker Ahmed FoysalNOT OUT043000.00
11Shaker Ahmed(Jr)LBWNoman Sahriar011000.00
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-2(Kamrul,2.5ov); 2-42(Anhar,18.4ov); 3-63(Moinuddin,25.5ov); 4-88(Masum,35.3ov); 5-99(Rahat,41.2ov); 6-106(Shafiul,44.4ov); 7-119(Mominul,47.2ov); 8-120(Asadul,49.1ov); 9-120(Shakir,50.2ov); 10-120(Shaker,50.3ov);
1Mushtafizur Rahman124213011.75
3Md, Nasiruddin8582001.00
4Mehedi Hasan103381003.80
5Noman Sahriar12.35154001.20
6Md. Safiq101100011.00
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
50-21-95; 100-42.2-179;
Notes :
  • At Match Stopped Due to Bad Light: 2/1 in 3 ov (*Anhar Miah-1; Moinuddin Kawsar-0)
  • At Tea: 88/3 in 35 ov (*Masum Ahmed-28; Mominul Islam Muhon-10) @02:43 PM, 08 Feb

1st Innings of Khulna Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1A.T.M Sahjalal†LBWShaker Ahmed(Jr)2048603041.67
2Sovhon MorolRun Out (Asadul Hasan Samad)014000.00
3Adnan IslamCT. Moinuddin KawsarShaker Ahmed(Jr)49911237053.85
4Mehedi HasanCT. Shakir AhmedKamrul Islam819811513082.65
5ImranuzzamanLBWShaker Ahmed(Jr)044000.00
6Noman Sahriar*LBWShaker Ahmed(Jr)2994844030.85
7Md. SafiqBowledAsadul Hasan Samad622211027.27
8Md, NasiruddinCT. Shafiul Islam HanjalaIftaker Ahmed Foysal02823000.00
9Ekramul HasanCT. Anhar MiahAsadul Hasan Samad2671614036.62
10WhiduzzamanCT. Anhar MiahKamrul Islam618231033.33
11Mushtafizur RahmanNOT OUT12441004.17
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-1(Sovhon,0.3ov); 2-46(A.T.M,16.3ov); 3-133(Adnan,32.6ov); 4-137(Imranuzzaman,34.4ov); 5-173(Mehedi,47.2ov); 6-192(Md.,55ov); 7-195(Md,,63.6ov); 8-195(Noman,64.2ov); 9-218(Whiduzzaman,71.5ov); 10-229(Ekramul,83.1ov);
1Iftaker Ahmed Foysal122421003.50
2Kamrul Islam217432002.05
3Mominul Islam Muhon1080008.00
4Shaker Ahmed(Jr)3011594001.97
5Shakir Ahmed112430003.91
6Asadul Hasan Samad8.13232002.82
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
50-18.3-70; 100-28.4-112; 150-38-152; 200-65.4-232;
Notes :
  • Mehedi Hasan 50, 53 b, 9x4.
  • At Lunch: 193/6 in 57 ov (*Md, Nasiruddin-0; Noman Sahriar-27) @11:30 AM, 09 Feb
  • New balls taken after 63 overs.

2nd Innings of Sylhet Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1Kamrul IslamBowledMushtafizur Rahman4551080.00
2Anhar MiahLBWNoman Sahriar1833552054.55
3Moinuddin KawsarCT. ImranuzzamanMehedi Hasan671702459039.41
4Masum AhmedCT. Mushtafizur RahmanMehedi Hasan531141646046.49
5Mominul Islam MuhonCT. Noman SahriarMd, Nasiruddin1230050.00
6Shafiul Islam HanjalaST. A.T.M Sahjalal†Noman Sahriar22213231104.76
7Rahat Chowdhury*†CT. Sovhon MorolMehedi Hasan16160016.67
8Asadul Hasan SamadRun Out (Adnan Islam)032000.00
9Shakir AhmedBowledMehedi Hasan032000.00
10Iftaker Ahmed FoysalCT. WhiduzzamanMehedi Hasan421130019.05
11Shaker Ahmed(Jr)NOT OUT00700
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-6(Kamrul,0.6ov); 2-57(Anhar,13.1ov); 3-165(Masum,50.4ov); 4-166(Mominul,51.1ov); 5-197(Moinuddin,56.5ov); 6-197(Shafiul,57.2ov); 7-197(Asadul,57.5ov); 8-197(Shakir,58.3ov); 9-198(Rahat,60.2ov); 10-202(Iftaker,62.4ov);
1Mushtafizur Rahman92341003.78
3Md, Nasiruddin162421012.63
4Mehedi Hasan15.42485003.06
5Noman Sahriar213482112.29
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
50-11.2-49; 100-31-131; 150-46.5-202; 200-60.3-271;
Notes :
  • At Tea: 57/2 in 13.1 ov (*Masum Ahmed-0; Moinuddin Kawsar-22) @02:40 PM, 09 Feb
  • Moinuddin Kawsar 50, 132 b, 8x4.
  • Masum Ahmed 50, 102 b, 6x4.

2nd Innings of Khulna Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1A.T.M Sahjalal†BowledShaker Ahmed(Jr)11311007.69
2Sovhon MorolLBWKamrul Islam27150028.57
3Adnan IslamNOT OUT6580859181.25
4Mehedi HasanBowledAsadul Hasan Samad1326242050.00
5Noman Sahriar*NOT OUT1437562037.84
Did not Bat :
Ekramul Hasan, Md, Nasiruddin, Md. Safiq, Whiduzzaman, Mushtafizur Rahman, Imranuzzaman
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-2(A.T.M,2.5ov); 2-4(Sovhon,3.4ov); 3-35(Mehedi,12.5ov);
1Shaker Ahmed(Jr)91341003.78
2Kamrul Islam93201002.22
3Asadul Hasan Samad50181003.60
4Shakir Ahmed20110005.50
5Masum Ahmed1.10110009.43
6Shafiul Islam Hanjala1010001.00
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
Notes :
  • At Lunch: 5/2 in 5 ov (*Adnan Islam-2; Mehedi Hasan-0) @11:30 AM, 10 Feb
  • Adnan Islam 50, 68 b, 8x4.
  • Adnan Islam 50, 68 b, 8x4.
Close of Play :
  • Day-1 : Khulna Division 1st Innings 35/1 in 15 ov (*A.T.M Sahjalal-11; Adnan Islam-18)
  • Day-2 : Sylhet Division 2nd Innings 136/2 in 41 ov (*Moinuddin Kawsar-48; Masum Ahmed-41)
Match Notes :
Mehedi Hasan 50, 53 b, 9x4. Moinuddin Kawsar 50, 132 b, 8x4. Masum Ahmed 50, 108 b, 6x4. Adnan Islam 50, 68 b, 8x4.