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Tournament : Young Tigers U18 National Cricket Competition 2012-2013

Match : Chittagong Division Vs Rajshahi Division (08-02-2013)

Match Information :
Date : 08/02/2013M. Started : 9:30 AMM. Finished : 10/02-4:26 PM
Venue : Shaheed Chandu Stadium, Bogra
Toss won by : Chittagong Division and chose to field first.
Captains : Md. Sumon (CTG DIV), Nazmul Hossain (RAJ DIV)

Result : Chittagong Division won by 5 wickets.Man of the Match : Md. Shaifuddin (CTG DIV)

Match Officials :
Match Referee : Umpires : Murad Khan (BD), Khaled Mahmud Rubel (BD)
TV Umpire : Reserved Umpire :
D/L Manager : Scorers : Serajul Islam (BD), J.R. Mallik Jony (BD)
COMS Scorer : J.R. Mallik Jony

1st Innings of Rajshahi Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1Nazmul Hossain*BowledAshfaq Ahmed Rohan21192950110.53
2Sabbir HossainCT. Prosenjit Dash†Ashfaq Ahmed Rohan11426532715143.02
3Hedayet HossainBowledAshfaq Ahmed Rohan628491021.43
4Rakibul Hasan†LBWTanzid Ahmed Emon3355646060.00
5Ariful Islam MohonBowledJashim Uddin1127202040.74
6Mehedi Hasan MilonCT. Prosenjit Dash†Ashfaq Ahmed Rohan8781141010.26
7Hamidur Rahman ShamimCT. Md. SumonAshfaq Ahmed Rohan42210200.00
8Tasim Yousa MilonBowledTanzid Ahmed Emon065000.00
9Firoz AhamedNOT OUT1443611032.56
10Mohor SheikNOT OUT1117242064.71
Did not Bat :
Naim Akand
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-29(Nazmul,5.6ov); 2-35(Hedayet,15.3ov); 3-96(Rakibul,34.1ov); 4-117(Ariful,41.6ov); 5-179(Mehedi,75.1ov); 6-183(Hamidur,75.3ov); 7-184(Tasim,76.5ov); 8-200(Sabbir,83.3ov);
1Omar Faruk135310002.38
2Ashfaq Ahmed Rohan166365002.25
3Md. Shaifuddin71220003.14
4Jashim Uddin176391002.29
5Shamrat Sajahan103270002.70
6Tanzid Ahmed Emon254512002.04
7Md. Sumon20160008.00
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
50-17.5-91; 100-35.4-151; 150-62.5-231; 200-82.2-324;
Notes :
  • At Lunch: 76/2 in 27 ov (*Rakibul Hasan-21; Sabbir Hossain-28) @11:31 AM, 08 Feb
  • Sabbir Hossain 50, 144 b, 10x4.
  • At Tea: 154/4 in 65 ov (*Mehedi Hasan Milon-3; Sabbir Hossain-80) @02:10 PM, 08 Feb
  • At Other: New ball taken after 70.0 overs.165/4 in 70 ov (*Sabbir Hossain-87; Mehedi Hasan Milon-7)
  • Sabbir Hossain 100, 244 b, 13x4, 1x6.
  • At Match Stopped Due to Bad Light: 197/7 in 82.1 ov (*Sabbir Hossain-111; Firoz Ahamed-1)
  • At Match Stopped Due to Bad Light: 201/8 in 84.4 ov (Mohor Sheik-0; Firoz Ahamed-2)
  • At Other: First innings 90.0 overs batting fixed,as per by-laws.

1st Innings of Chittagong Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1Ashfaq Ahmed RohanCT. Rakibul Hasan†Mohor Sheik18161940112.50
2Tafsir AhmedBowledMohor Sheik2036694055.56
3Md. Sumon*CT. Hedayet HossainMohor Sheik341101404130.91
4Tanzid Ahmed EmonBowledMohor Sheik036000.00
5Shamrat SajahanCT. Hedayet HossainMohor Sheik1016242062.50
6Md. ShaifuddinLBWMohor Sheik726321026.92
7Md. FokruddinCT. Nazmul HossainMohor Sheik812221066.67
8Prosenjit Dash†BowledHamidur Rahman Shamim529400017.24
9Kafil UddinCT. Rakibul Hasan†Hamidur Rahman Shamim1015191066.67
10Omar FarukNOT OUT2239523056.41
11Jashim UddinBowledHamidur Rahman Shamim1040350125.00
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-22(Ashfaq,4.1ov); 2-51(Tafsir,14.4ov); 3-56(Tanzid,16.1ov); 4-76(Shamrat,22.1ov); 5-93(Md.,30.2ov); 6-107(Md.,36.1ov); 7-108(Md.,36.3ov); 8-120(Kafil,42.1ov); 9-133(Prosenjit,46.2ov); 10-161(Jashim,56.4ov);
1Mohor Sheik236557002.39
2Naim Akand60290004.83
3Mehedi Hasan Milon174330121.94
4Hamidur Rahman Shamim9.41283002.90
5Tasim Yousa Milon1020002.00
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
50-14.1-66; 100-33.4-147; 150-51.5-216;
Notes :
  • At Lunch: 87/4 in 27 ov (*Md. Sumon-23; Md. Shaifuddin-6) @11:32 AM, 09 Feb

2nd Innings of Rajshahi Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1Nazmul Hossain*BowledMd. Shaifuddin2535465071.43
2Sabbir HossainCT. Md. SumonMd. Shaifuddin1431583045.16
3Hedayet HossainLBWMd. Shaifuddin819331042.11
4Rakibul Hasan†CT. Kafil UddinAshfaq Ahmed Rohan1543573034.88
5Mehedi Hasan MilonLBWAshfaq Ahmed Rohan11627006.25
6Ariful Islam MohonCT. Kafil UddinOmar Faruk2341564056.10
7Firoz AhamedNOT OUT221682013013.10
8Tasim Yousa MilonCT. Kafil UddinOmar Faruk512161041.67
9Hamidur Rahman ShamimBowledMd. Shaifuddin1128401039.29
10Mohor SheikHandled Ball55669008.93
11Naim AkandBowledMd. Shaifuddin425241016.00
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-37(Nazmul,9.5ov); 2-46(Sabbir,11.6ov); 3-59(Hedayet,15.6ov); 4-65(Mehedi,21.6ov); 5-70(Rakibul,23.6ov); 6-101(Ariful,38.1ov); 7-111(Tasim,42.3ov); 8-125(Hamidur,52.4ov); 9-140(Mohor,70.4ov); 10-148(Naim,78.5ov);
1Omar Faruk133302002.31
2Md. Shaifuddin22.511385401.66
3Ashfaq Ahmed Rohan82342004.25
4Tanzid Ahmed Emon158130000.87
5Jashim Uddin72160002.29
6Shamrat Sajahan4310010.25
7Md. Fokruddin5270101.40
8Md. Sumon4340001.00
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
50-12.4-63; 100-35.4-155;
Notes :
  • At Lunch: 130/8 in 63 ov (*Mohor Sheik-3; Firoz Ahamed-17) @11:31 AM, 10 Feb

2nd Innings of Chittagong Division

Sl.BatsmanHow OutBowlerRBM4s6sSR
1Ashfaq Ahmed RohanBowledMohor Sheik413120030.77
2Tafsir AhmedCT. Firoz AhamedNaim Akand771810100.00
3Md. Sumon*Run Out (Hamidur Rahman Shamim)50601163083.33
4Tanzid Ahmed EmonLBWHamidur Rahman Shamim61619580100.00
5Shamrat SajahanNOT OUT4549742291.84
6Md. ShaifuddinCT. Nazmul HossainMehedi Hasan Milon35324550109.38
7Md. FokruddinNOT OUT910122090.00
Did not Bat :
Omar Faruk, Kafil Uddin, Prosenjit Dash†, Jashim Uddin
Fall of Wickets (FOW) :
1-6(Ashfaq,2.5ov); 2-12(Tafsir,3.5ov); 3-120(Tanzid,22.1ov); 4-139(Md.,26ov); 5-201(Md.,35.6ov);
1Mohor Sheik9.40601206.21
2Naim Akand30191006.33
3Mehedi Hasan Milon110531104.82
4Hamidur Rahman Shamim130611004.69
5Firoz Ahamed101100011.00
6Ariful Islam Mohon101000010.00
Time to Get Runs (Run-Ovr-Min) :
50-10.1-47; 100-19.6-81; 150-27.3-118; 200-35.5-151;
Notes :
  • At Tea: 55/2 in 12 ov (*Md. Sumon-23; Tanzid Ahmed Emon-20) @02:10 PM, 10 Feb
  • Tanzid Ahmed Emon 50, 52 b, 6x4.
  • Md. Sumon 50, 60 b, 3x4.
Close of Play :
  • At Close of Play: 225/8 in 90 ov (Mohor Sheik-11; Firoz Ahamed-14)
  • Day-2 : Rajshahi Division 2nd Innings 96/5 in 33 ov (*Ariful Islam Mohon-20; Firoz Ahamed-6)
Match Notes :
Sabbir Hossain 50, 144 b, 10x4. Sabbir Hossain 100, 244 b, 13x4, 1x6. Tanzid Ahmed Emon 50, 52 b, 6x4. Md. Sumon 50, 60 b, 3x4.